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Dynamic Signal Analyzers, Materials Measurement

Mechanical and physical test applications in laboratory or field environments.

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Declaration of Conformity
Search Keysight Regulatory database for the most recent Declaration of Conformity statement for your product.

Help File 2014-08-01

LCR Meters, Impedance Analyzers and Test Fixtures Selection Guide
This 16-page, black-and-white selection guide matchesapplications to LCR meters, Impedance analyzer, and fixtures cotains brief information on products and applicationliteratures.

Selection Guide 2014-06-02

Solutions for Measuring Permittivity and Permeability w/LCR Meters & Impedance Analyzers
This application note presents the technologies and methods for measuring permittivity and permeability. The document focuses on impedance measurement technology with the following advantages: Wide frequency range from 20Hz to 1GHz High measurement accuracy Simple preparations (fabrication of material, measurement setup) for measurement.

Application Note 2014-05-28

Measuring Dielectric Properties using Keysight's Materials Measurement Solutions - Brochure
Quick guide for Keysight materials measurement solutions that can characterize the material under test by measuring dielectric properties such as permittivity and permeability.

Brochure 2014-05-16

Basics of Measuring the Dielectric Properties of Materials - Application Note
The dielectric properties that will be discussed here are permittivity and permeability. Resistivity is another material property which will not be discussed here.

Application Note 2014-05-16

Magnetic Material Characterization – KEYCOM
Magnetic Material Characterization Solution from KEYCOM and Keysight.

Solution Brief 2014-04-30

GPIB Connectivity for 85070E and 85071E
View a step-by-step video on how to connect your 85070E dielectric probe kit or 85071E materials measurement software running on a PC to a PNA/ENA series network analyzer over a GPIB interface.

Demo 2014-04-25

LAN Connectivity for 85070E and 85071E
View a step-by-step video on how to connect your 85070E dielectric probe kit or 85071E materials measurement software running on a PC to a PNA/ENA/FieldFox series network analyzer over LAN.

Demo 2014-04-25

Accessories Selection Guide For Impedance Measurements - Selection Guide
This selection guide introduces all the impedance test fixtures that can be used with LCR meters, Resistance Meters, Capacitance Meters, Impedance Analyzers, and Combination analyzers.

Selection Guide 2014-01-24

Antenna Test - Selection Guide
Keysight Technologies provides many of the components required to make accurate antenna and radar cross-section (RCS) measurements. Use this guide to: understand how Keysight instruments can be integrated into various configurations, learn about interface requirements between components, understand issues related to selecting the equipment required to make antenna measurements, and learn how to migrate from the 8510 network analyzer or 8530 microwave receiver to the PNA series network analyzer.

Selection Guide 2013-12-13

The Impedance Measurement Handbook-4th Edition - Application Note
This 140 page handbook is Keysight Technologies's most detailed information on the basics of impedance measurements using Keysight Technologies's LCR meters and impedance analysers. It provides the theory, test set-upinformation, error discussion, etc.

Application Note 2013-09-10

mmWave Permittivity and Dielectric Loss Tangent Measurement System for sheet and ultra-thin sheet

Solution Brief 2013-05-30

Capacitance Method - εr'/tanδ measurement of Plate, Ultra Thin Film, Compound Film, Liquid and Gel
Keycom Corp.

Solution Brief 2013-05-30

Advanced Materials Testing with the PNA and ENA Series Network Analyzers
This video introduces the material testing solutions based on the network analyzer

Demo 2013-05-27

Resonance Method Strip Line Type Dielectric Constant and Dielectric Loss Tangent Measurement System
Keycom Corp.

Solution Brief 2013-05-13

85070E Web Help
Instantly view the very latest information in the Dielectric Probe Kit software’s help file.

Help File 2012-06-27

85071E Web Help
Instantly view the very latest information in the Materials Measurement software’s help file.

Help File 2012-06-27

85070E Dielectric Probe Kit, 200 MHz to 50 GHz - Technical Overview
Keysight's 85070E is a dielectric probe kit that is used to measure the intrinsic electrical properties of materials in the RF and microwave frequency bands. The 85070E software allows you to measure the complex dielectric constant of liquids and semisolids, including the dielectric loss factor or loss tangent. This 12-page, black and white technical overview contains product description, features/benefits, performance characteristics, menu items, and ordering information.

Technical Overview 2012-06-14

85072A 10-GHz Split Cylinder Resonator
This technical overview provides an overview of features, measuring examples, and specification of the 85072A 10 GHz split cylinder resonator.

Technical Overview 2012-05-08

85072A 10 GHz Split-Cylinder Resonator User’s and Service Guide
Provides information on making measurements, specifications, maintenance & troubleshooting, replaceable parts, and replacement procedures for the 85072A.

User Manual 2012-05-01

GPIB Programming with the Keysight 35670A
This manual contains the command syntax, structure and a detailed description of each GPIB command available for the Keysight 35670A. In addition, it contains instrument-specific information not available in the GPIB Programmer's Guide.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2010-03-01

35670A Installation and Verification Guide

Installation Manual 2010-03-01

35670A Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide 2010-03-01

35670A Service Guide
Manual publication number 35670-90066.

Service Manual 2010-03-01

PDF PDF 11.84 MB
35670A Operator's Guide
35670-90053. Contains chapters on making measurements, working with the display, using the basics, and much more.

User Manual 2010-03-01


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