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Power Meter & Power Sensor

Keysight power meters operate with sensors of various types (CW, average and peak and average), covering numerous frequency and power ranges to accurately measure the power of RF and microwave signals. Applications include testing the output power of communication base-station transmitters, cellular telephones, radar system equipment, and much more.

Learn more on how to select the right power meter and power sensors: “The Power Meter and Sensors Selection Guide”

Microwaves and RF’s

Microwaves and RF’s readers recently chose Keysight Technologies as the ‘Best Supplier Social Media’ winner for 2013. This award recognizes those in the industry for their work in helping to provide engineers with the critical information they need throughout the year.

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Power Meters and Sensors - Selection Guide
The guide introduces each model or Series in brief, followed by applications that benefit from these instruments. It also includes comprehensive selection charts and a compatibility table to help you pick out the right power meter and sensor.

Selection Guide 2014-08-03

E4416A-E22 EMP-P and E-Series High Power Solution Measurement Kit - Flyer
Take a look at this promotional flyer to learn more about the E4416A (Option E22) EMP-P and E-Series High Power Solution Measurement Kit, used to calibrate magnetic resonance imaging RF amplifiers

Brochure 2014-08-03

Best Practices For Making The Most Accurate Radar Pulse Measurements - Application Note
Learn how to make the most accurate radar pulse measurements. This article also covers real-world scenarios that demonstrate how to carry out these tips with Keysight power meters and sensors.

Application Note 2014-08-02

Using Gamma, S-Parameter Correction, and Real Time Measurement Uncertainty (RTMU) - Application Note
This application note explain how gamma/s-parameter correction used to correct for the mismatch error between the sensor and DUT, and how real time MU new calculation implementation.

Application Note 2014-08-01

P-Series Power Meters Programming Guide
This reference guide is for programmers' to control the power meter remotely with software coding.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2014-07-01

N1913A and N1914A EPM Series Power Meter - Data Sheet
As signals become more complex, it becomes more difficult to make fast, accurate power measurements. For years, you've depended on Keysight's EPM Series power meters. Today, the Keysight N1913A and N1914A EPM power meters are versatile, user-friendly replacements for the E4418B/19B EPM Series.

Data Sheet 2014-06-24

8480 Series Coaxial Power Sensors Operating and Service Manual
This Operating and Service Manual contains information about initial inspection, performance tests, adjustments, operation, troubleshooting and repair fo the Keysight 8480 Series Coaxial Power Sensors.

Service Manual 2014-05-23

Radiated and Conducted Immunity Testing – TOYO Corporation
Radiated and Conducted Immunity Test Solutions from TOYO and Keysight

Solution Brief 2014-05-14

Waveguide Power Sensors - Data Sheet
Make accurate and reliable measurements in the 50 to 110 GHz frequency range. This data sheet details key features, specifications and ordering information for Keysight waveguide power sensors.

Data Sheet 2014-05-09

Keysight N1913/4A EPM Series Power Meters Service Guide
Keysight N1913/4A EPM Series Power Meters Service Guide.

Service Manual 2014-05-08

E8486A Option 201 Product Note
This product note shows the typical performance of the E84886A-201 with an extended frequency from 54 GHz to 95 GHz.

Technical Overview 2014-05-07

Automotive Radar Test - Konrad
Automotive Radar Test Solution from Konrad and Keysight.

Solution Brief 2014-04-30

N1911A/N1912A P-Series Power Meter Service Guide
This reference guide details the specifications, performance test, theory of operation, troubleshooting guide and repair guide.

Service Manual 2014-04-18

Satellite Test Solution – AAI
Satellite Payload and Panel Test Solution from AAI and Keysight Technologies

Solution Brief 2014-04-09

LXI Brochure
The Keysight LXI Brochure shows you how to open the door to simpler system creation.

Brochure 2014-04-07

U8480 Series USB Thermocouple Power Sensor - Quick Start Video
Demonstration of the U8480 Series. This video includes a basic overview of the sensor, demonstration on how to connect and verify the sensor as well as steps to perform an average power measurement.

Product Tour 2014-04-02

EPM and EPM-P Series Power Meters - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes the standard configurations, options, and compatible accessories of EPM Series and EPM-P Series power meters.

Configuration Guide 2014-03-31

Average Power Sensor Measurement Uncertainty Calculator - Application Note
Measurement Uncertainty Calculator for the Average Power Sensors (N8481A, N8482A, N8485A, N8481A-CFT, N8482A-CFT, N8485A-CFT, 8481D, 8485D, 8487D, R8486D, Q8486D, E4412A, E4413A, E9300A, E9301A, E9304A, E9300B, E9301B, E9300H, E9301H)

Application Note 2014-03-25

N1913A/N1914A EPM Series Power Meter Programming Guide
N1913A/N1914A EPM Series Power Meter Programming Guide.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2014-03-24

N1913A and N1914A EPM Series Power Meters - Product Fact Sheet
This is a two-pager QFS that highlights the key product features and specifications for the N1913A and N1914A EPM series power meters

Promotional Materials 2014-03-13

U2020 X-Series USB Peak and Average Power Sensors - Data Sheet
This data sheet details the key features, specifications and ordering information for the U2020 X-series USB peak and average power sensors.

Data Sheet 2014-03-13

N8480 Series Thermocouple Power Sensors - Data Sheet
This data sheet outlines the specifications of the N8480 Series thermocouple power sensors

Data Sheet 2014-03-04

Introduction to U8480 Series USB Thermocouple Power Sensor - Product Tour
View this U8480 Series USB Thermocouple Power Sensor introduction video to get a brief overview of the capabilities of the power sensor. This video also provides you the link to the full quick start video.

Product Tour 2014-03-04

N8262A P-Series Modular Power Meter and Power Sensors - Data Sheet
This data sheet covers warranted and typical specifications for N8262A P Series modular power meter and sensors.

Data Sheet 2014-03-03

N1911A/N1912A P-Series Power Meters and N1921A/N1922A Power Sensors - Data Sheet
This data sheet contains technical specifications and information for the N1911A/N1912A P-Series Power Meters and N1921A/N1922A Power Sensors.

Data Sheet 2014-02-24

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