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E5100A Network Analyzer, 10 kHz to 300 MHz

The E5100A high-speed network analyzer is an excellent solution for electronic component manufacturers, especially resonator and filter manufacturers, who require extra-high throughput. The E5100A improves production line productivity with its fast measurement speed (fastest sweep speed is 0.04 ms/point), fast waveform analysis commands, and high-speed processor. The E5100A's low-noise performance and fine selection IFBW provide high quality measurements with lower fluctuations.

Discontinuance Notice: Some options and upgrade kit for the E5100A network analyzers were discontinued as of May 1, 2006. For more details, click here.

  • E5100A High-Speed Network Analyzer E5100A High-Speed Network Analyzer 

    E5100A High-Speed Network Analyzer

    The E5100A is a 10 kHz to 300 MHz network analyzer best fitted for production test of electronic components, especially resonators and filters, which requires high throughput.

  • PI Network Test Fixture PI Network Test Fixture 

    PI Network Test Fixture

    PI Network Test Fixture