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Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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20 & 30 MHz 33500B Series and 80 & 120 MHz 33600A Series waveform generators with Keysight exclusive Trueform technology. 
Generate true point-by-point arbitrary waveforms with less jitter, more fidelity and greater resolution.

Limited time offer: Receive a FREE memory upgrade with purchase.

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    34190A Rackmount Kit

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  • Agilent 34162A Accessory Pouch 34162A Accessory Pouch 

    34162A Accessory Pouch

    The Keysight 34162A is an accessory pouch for 33210A, 33220A, 34405A, 34410A and 34411A.

Discontinued Function Generators [Discontinued]
Product support information for your discontinued and obsolete Synthesized Function Generators.