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EMI Receivers and EMC Precompliance Analyzers

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Meeting electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance regulations is a critical step in bringing products to market quickly. Wherever you are in the product development cycle, Keysight has an EMI measurement solution for you.

To avoid costly delays that can result from failed compliance testing, Keysight's EMI measurement application on X-Series signal analyzers allows you to perform pre-compliance measurements and diagnostic evaluation of your designs--so you can find and fix problems before they enter the test chamber.

In EMC compliance testing, your success depends on moving products through the test queue quickly and efficiently. Conduct full standards-compliant testing in accordance with CISPR and MIL-STD with the upgradeable N9038A MXE EMI receiver. For a complete EMI test solution, Keysight Solutions Partners provide a single point of contact for you to combine the MXE with chambers, antennas, software, value-added integration, probes, and more.

  • N9038A MXE EMI Receiver, 3 Hz to 44 GHz N9038A MXE EMI Receiver, 3 Hz to 44 GHz 

    N9038A MXE EMI Receiver, 3 Hz to 44 GHz

    • Up to 44 GHz
    • CISPR compliant EMI receiver with graphical measurement tools for compliance test
    • Up to 25 MHz analysis bandwidth

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