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Parameter & Device Analyzer, Curve Tracer

The Keysight Device Analyzer Series provides both traditional and task-oriented approaches to device characterization to meet the complex challenges faced by modern users. Able to completely replace our older 4145, 4155 and 4156 parameter analyzers, the B1500A has additional hardware and software features that enable both novice and advanced users to efficiently and effectively characterize advanced semiconductor processes and devices. For high-power device testing needs, the B1505A provides a one-box solution for high-current, high-voltage and high DC bias capacitance measurement.

In addition, both the B1500A and B1505A support a curve tracer mode with true knob sweep control for real-time interactive device measurement.

Discontinued and Obsolete Parametric Test Equipment [Discontinued]
4155C, 4156C, 41000 Series, N9201A, 4070 Series, 4140B, 4142B, 4145A/B, 4155A, 4156A, 41501A, 4155B, 4156B, 4157A, 4157B,4280A, E5270A, E5272A, and E5273A

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