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Parametric Test

Integrated circuit devices continue to shrink in size, increase in density, and improve in performance every year. Manufacturing and testing these devices while simultaneously maintaining and improving yield has become increasingly difficult. Nevertheless, Keysight Technologies' parametric test solutions continue to meet these challenges and to provide users with consistently accurate and highly automated test solutions for better process monitoring. Our award winning parametric test systems are a de facto industry standard, with over 4,000 systems installed worldwide. With a history of over 70 years of innovation and leadership in the Test and Measurement industry, Keysight knows what it takes to meet the stringent demands of parametric test customers.

Discontinued and Obsolete Parametric Test Equipment [Discontinued]
4155C, 4156C, 41000 Series, N9201A, 4070 Series, 4140B, 4142B, 4145A/B, 4155A, 4156A, 41501A, 4155B, 4156B, 4157A, 4157B,4280A, E5270A, E5272A, and E5273A