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E4438C-419 Signal Studio for 3GPP W-CDMA HSPA Rel 6, Fixed Perpetual License

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

E4438C ESG-Vektorsignalgenerator

  • E4438C-503 250 kHz bis 3 GHz
  • E4438C-1E5 Hochstabile Zeitbasis
  • E4438C-005 6-GB-Festplattenlaufwerk
  • E4438C-602 Internal baseband generator, 64 Msa memory with digital bus capability
  • E4438C-403 Personality für kalibrierte Rauschmessungen
  • E4438C-419 Signal Studio for 3GPP W-CDMA HSPA Rel 6, fixed perpetual license
  • E4438C-CD1 Bedienungsanleitung/Service-Handbuch, CD
  • R-51B-001-Z 3 Jahre Gewährleistung - Reparatur im Servicezentrum

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Key Features & Specifications

Signal Creation

  • Single-carrier 3GPP W-CDMA and HSPA signals
  • Configure uplink and downlink channel parameters
  • Create physical layer and transport layer coded signals
  • Test advanced capabilities including HARQ, AMC, multicodes, transmit diversity, and more

Signal Generator Control and Additive Impairments

  • Compatible signal generators: E4438C ESG
  • Control frequency, amplitude, ALC, waveform scaling, triggers, and more
  • IQ impairments and real-time AWGN

Automation and Communication Interface

  • Automate signal generation with SCPI commands
  • Generate SCPI command list based on user interface configuration
  • LAN and GPIB

Other Features


The last date to order is 30-Nov-2015. Orders must be booked by 30-Nov-2015.
Replacement product: N5172B EXG X-Series RF Vector Signal Generator

Test W-CDMA HSDPA Enabled Devices

Option 419 generates transport layer coded HSDPA signals for performing BLER tests on mobile handsets. Test advanced functionality by creating dynamic downlink transmissions that change modulation type and coding parameters based on simulated mobile handset responses for CQI and HARQ. The uplink HSDPA control channel enables testing of a base transceiver station’s ability to correctly receive and properly decode control information.

Test W-CDMA HSUPA Enabled Devices

Generate real-time physical layer coded signals for performing BER test on base transceiver stations or transport layer coded signals for performing BLER analysis. Additionally, perform closed loop testing with a base transceiver station using advanced features including HARQ, E-TFC and transmit power control (TPC) using real-time feedback or simulated feedback from a user file. The downlink HSUPA control channels enable testing of a mobile handset’s ability to correctly receive and properly decode control information.

For a full description and data sheet, read the technical overview in the online documentation

For help determining which W-CDMA signal creation option is right for you, refer to the FAQ: Which W-CDMA option do I need?

This option can be added as a product upgrade.

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