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E8267D-UNY Enhanced Ultra-Low Phase Noise Performance

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Up to 12 dB improvement compared to Option UNX phase noise performance
  • Low close-to-carrier and pedestal phase noise
  • +21 dBm output power up to 3.2 GHz, + 18 dBm up to 20 GHz


Improve E8267D vector PSG phase noise performance

Option UNY sets the industry standard for microwave signal generator phase noise performance. Option UNY provides an advanced phase lock loop circuit along with a high-performance internal frequency reference that improves both the close-in and pedestal phase stability to provide superior phase noise performance at all offsets less than 250 kHz from carrier.

Typical applications

Option UNY is recommended for signal generation applications that require the utmost in spectrally pure signals and/or outstanding modulation accuracy. Typical applications include LO substitution, low-jitter clock stimulus, blocking/interference signals, stimulus/response measurements close-to-carrier, and high-order digital-modulation-format (e.g. 128 QAM, OFDM) signal generation.

This option may be available as a product upgrade, depending on the serial number of your instrument. For more information, see E8267D Signal Generator Upgrades.