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E8663D PSG RF Analog Signal Generator, 100 kHz to 9 GHz

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Key Features & Specifications

Signal characteristics

  • 100 kHz to 3.2 or 9 GHz with .001 Hz resolution
  • -135 to +24 dBm typical output power with Option 1EU
  • Industry’s best SSB phase noise with Option HY2: -155 dBc/Hz (typical) for a 1 GHz signal at 1 MHz offset.


  • AM, FM, ØM, and pulse (may be simultaneously enabled)
  • Typical 6 ns rise/fall times and 20 ns pulse width
  • Dual internal function generators: sine, square, triangular, ramp, and noise

Automation and communication interface

  • 10BaseT LAN and GPIB
  • SCPI and IVI-COM drivers
  • Backwards compatible with the 8662A, 8663A and E8663B signal generators
  • Compatible with the E5500 and 3048A phase noise test systems


Industry’s best close-to-carrier phase noise performance

  • Lowest phase noise available in a commercially-available signal generator
  • Optional analog modulation (AM, FM, ØM, and pulse) capability
  • Superior level accuracy
  • High output power
  • Metrology-grade performance ideal for demanding applications such as radar system development, satellite communications evaluation, or when a very low noise local oscillator or reference signal is needed

Built on the outstanding legacy of the 8663A, the E8663D delivers improved performance and is fully code compatable with its predecessor for seamless upgrades to existing test systems. Enhanced narrow pulse modulation and extended support life are optionally available.

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