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N5300 Series Chassis

Keysight N2X Chassis

Keysight provides cost effective multi-port test system for verifying the ultimate performance of multi-services networks and devices – from multi-channel simulation and analysis to wire-speed packet generation.

Keysight offers 2 types of chassis from a 2-slot portable unit to a 4-slot platform which can be mounted in a standard 19” rack or stacked on a bench top.

Users can easily daisy chain up to three racks of Chassis to create the industry's highest density of test ports. A smaller, lightweight chassis is also available for portable or desktop testing. Chassis models include:

  • Portable 2-Slot Chassis (N5302A)
  • Portable 4-Slot Chassis (N5304A)
  • N5302A Portable 2-Slot Chassis N5302A Portable 2-Slot Chassis 

    N5302A Portable 2-Slot Chassis

    The N5302A 2-slot portable chassis provides a convenient platform for testing scenarios where portability or small size is a factor.

  • N5304A Portable 4-slot Chassis N5304A Portable 4-slot Chassis 

    N5304A Portable 4-slot Chassis

    The N5304A 4-slot chassis provides a small, flexible platform that can be either mounted in a standard 19” rack or stacked on a bench top. It can accommodate up to 4 test cards, providing added flexibility in system configuration.